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Zirconium (Zr 702) a unique material

Zirconium is a silver-grey, shiny heavy metal. In its pure form it is easy to work, corrosion resistant even at high temperatures and has a very low  neutron capture cross section. In addition, zirconium offers good stability against structural damage caused by neutron irradiation and against cavitation by coolant flows.

The metal is mainly used pure or alloyed with 1.2-1.7% tin, for corrosion resistant pipes, fittings and valves in the chemical industry. This special alloy is called Zircaloy. Zirconium plays an important role in reactor construction. It is used for fuel element claddings and holders, for the pressure vessel lining, and for all structural components that come into contact with neutrons. In the rocket and jet aircraft industry zirconium is used for the manufacture of combustion chambers and feed lines. In electron and X-ray tubes zirconium is used as getter material.

At Mokawa you can obtain zirconium in all common forms, alloys and processing forms, individually tailored to each application.

Atomic Number


Atomic weight



6.506 g/cm3

Melting temperature

1852 ° C

Boiling temperature

4409 ° C

Zirconium - highly technological and versatile

The metal with the chem. atomic number 40, zirconium, is mainly used in compounds and alloys, but also has some practical properties as a pure substance.

The above mentioned Zircaloy, for example, is the main component of the cladding of uranium fuel elements in nuclear power plants. Here, the element is characterized by an exceptionally high capture cross-section for thermal neutrons and high corrosion resistance. This also makes it suitable for the construction of chemical plants and especially for special parts such as valves, pumps, pipes or heat exchangers.

Zirconium is also suitable for the construction of incandescent lamps and vacuum systems, as it reacts with small amounts of oxygen and can thus maintain the vacuum.

Zirconium alloys have a wide range of applications

In addition to the probably best known and most common alloy, zircaloy, zirconium also gives other alloys valuable properties. As an addition to steel, for example, it increases corrosion resistance, which is why surgical instruments are often made from such alloys.

Together with niobium a superconducting alloy is formed which retains this property even under the influence of strong magnetic fields.

Basically, the addition of zirconium stabilizes an alloy and makes it more resistant.

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Zirconium from Mokawa can be obtained pure or as a component.

You can determine the degree of purity of the zirconium yourself at Mokawa. We offer you different degrees of purity, you will receive 90, 95 or even >99 pure zirconium. Depending on your wishes, we can also process zirconium into blocks, wires, rods, or even sheet metal and foils. Mokawa offers you not only the supply of materials, but also the production of individual drawing parts. As we have proven know-how in the processing of all kinds of special metals, we offer you the perfect combination of professional implementation and precise service.

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