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Molybdenum a strong material

Molybdenum is a heavy metal which has a silver-white colour in piece form or a greyish colour in powder form. The stretchable and polishable heavy metal is hard and brittle, but still easy to process. Molybdenum belongs to the group of refractory metals with a melting point of 2.617°C. Molybdenum is mined mainly in North and South America and China. The metal is mainly extracted as a by-product of copper production. 

Mokawa supplies molybdenum in various shapes, alloys and processing forms. Suitable for your particular application.

Atomic Number


Atomic weight



10.22 g/cm3

Melting temperature

2617 ° C

Boiling temperature

4639 ° C

Molybdenum - a metal in demand for high performances

The high melting and boiling point (4,639°C) as well as the good thermal conductivity with excellent dimensional stability make molybdenum so interesting for industrial applications, e.g. for melting furnaces, as a stirring tool and for tools in industrial use. Coupled with high corrosion resistance, molybdenum offers you a high-performance material from which semi-finished products and tools with a long service life can be manufactured. 

Molybdenum, for example, is processed into rods, wires, sheets and tubes that are used in the lamp industry, in glass production, as components of jet engines, rockets and in high-temperature nuclear reactors. 

At the same time, molybdenum offers good thermal conductivity with low thermal expansion. Molybdenum is therefore also a popular material in the manufacture of semiconductor wafers or for power electronics.

At Mokawa you get molybdenum in pure form as well as alloyed or even already processed to your desired semi-finished product or even component.

Molybdenum alloys for specific applications

The material properties of molybdenum can be further adapted using alloys. Molybdenum-alloyed steels, for example, increase their hardness, toughness and corrosion resistance considerably, even with small Mo additives. Ferromolybdenum is used for this purpose: an iron-molybdenum alloy with 60-70% Mo. Apart from iron-molybdenum alloys, we offer a wide range ofalloys with copper, rhenium, chromium, lanthanum oxide, tungsten, niobium, tantalum or the most popular TZM alloy (titanium, zirconium, molybdenum). The alloys can be used to further influence density, melting point, toughness, thermal expansion, thermal strength and corrosion resistance. Ask for your desired alloy without obligation or ask for advice on what is particularly suitable for your application.



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Molybdenum from Mokawa - pure or as a component

You can determine the degree of purity of the molybdenum yourself at Mokawa. We deliver 90, 95 or even >99 pure molybdenum. In addition to the pure material delivery as powder or blank, we also process your order into blocks, wires, rods, or even sheets and foils as required. In addition to material delivery, Mokawa also offers the creation of drawing parts. As we have excellent know-how in the processing of special metals, you benefit not only from careful craftsmanship, but also from a knowledge advantage that should not be underestimated.

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