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Tungsten a versatile material

Tungsten is a silver-white, metallically shiny or grey heavy metal (depending on whether it occurs in pieces or in powder form). Hard and brittle, tungsten can, however, be made ductile by hammering and drawn into thin wires, for example. Tungsten belongs to the group of refractory metals, which are characterized by high melting points, good thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion, among other things. High corrosion resistance is a further characteristic.

Tungsten is suitable for the construction of resistance heating elements, the manufacture of filaments (especially in high-temperature furnace construction and electrical engineering), engine parts, X-ray anodes and welding electrodes. Pins made of tungsten can be fused into high melting point glass for the passage of current. Tungsten is also used in nuclear technology. Tungsten alloys are used about 80% in the steel industry and about 10% each in the hard metal and electrical industries.

At Mokawa you can obtain tungsten in a wide variety of forms, alloys and processing methods, each suitable for your application.

Atomic Number


Atomic weight




Melting temperature

3407 ° C

Boiling temperature

5657 ° C

Tungsten - the all-rounder among metals

Well over half of the tungsten mined worldwide is processed into tungsten carbide. This is used to manufacture carbide tools. As a material, tungsten proves to be a real all-rounder here. Despite its flexibility, it has the second highest melting point of all elements (after carbon) at 3,407°C. This property and its exceptionally high resistance to acids (not even attacked by hydrofluoric acid) make it a popular material for the construction of industrial plants and chemical machines. At Mokawa you can obtain tungsten in pure form as well as in alloy or even already processed to your desired semi-finished product or even component.

Work with tungsten alloys

In addition to its use in the industrial sector as a pure material, tungsten is also extremely popular for alloys. Here, tungsten is in great demand primarily because of its high melting point, for example in combination with molybdenum for turbine blades and also in the hot gas area of jet engines. Alloys of this element are also frequently used in the well-known tungsten inert gas welding (TIG). The high density of the metal (at 19.25 g/cm³ almost as dense as gold), in combination with other metals that are easier to machine, provides a combination of the best properties of different materials. 

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Tungsten from Mokawa is available pure or as a component

We at Mokawa offer you different degrees of purity of the tungsten supplied. You can choose between 90, 95 and even <99 pure tungsten. As standard, we supply the material as powder or blank. Do you already have more specific requirements? We can also process tungsten directly into rods, wires or blocks, even sheets and foils are possible. But Mokawa can do even more. We also produce drawing parts. Here you can benefit from our enormous know-how and our vast experience with tungsten as a material if we produce and deliver your individual parts directly according to your requirements.

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