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As the new US subsidiary to E.Wagener, MOKAWA specializes in the acquisition and fabrication of refractory, special and rare earth metals. Our customers purchase from our portfolio of high quality metals and parts in varying quantities at extremely competitive prices. We cater to a wide variety of organizations with differing needs. From small batch orders to larger tonnage, we have the capabilities to meet each unique orders dimensions..

Industry sectors

Our products and services are used in various industrial sectors:



Medical Technology





Research organinzations

With 45 years of special metals experience, the U.S. team at MOKAWA is there to assist you in determining the right metal to meet your exact specifications.

MOKAWA has collaborated it's many notable research organizations and institutions.

CERN Max-Plank Institute Fraunhofer Institute

We have gained their trust through our service, reliability and execution.

Conflict Materials Statement
(Dodd Frank Act 1502)

Our inventory is sourced from designated manufacturers who abode by the act. We reinsure their sourcing does not conflict with the terms of the act We only work with trusted suppliers who do not support the financiers of the conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo or adjoining countries.

We are not able to give a full guarantee as a distributor, but we are committed to this critical issue, to be sensitive and to reinsure us with our options at our suppliers